Thesila Prophecy

‚ÄčThesila Prophecy...The Journey Home

An off-worlder will bring back the lost magic and restore the fallen kingdom of Thesila by returning the Thesilan Princess as Queen. Destiny must be fulfilled amidst reality, dream, magic, war, and haunt.

Imagine waking up from a dream, into a reality, but not the world you know. That's what happens to five strangers in Thesila Prophecy: The Journey Home. It's a tale of a distant land where dreams and reality weave together into the fabric of life. Where magic replaces technology and not believing everything you see is only the beginning.

MASHAUN, a shy and timid outdoors-man full of wanderlust finds himself with several strangers in a magical cave surrounded by an untamed forest. He discovers the egotistical spirit bow, DALISTRA uses telepathy to talk to him. Before allowing him to take her out of the cave, she requires him to complete a deadly task. Dalistra is surprised to find a slaver's wagon with prisoners outside the cave. Over a dozen soldiers search the bushes, and he must kill the magician leader. Dalistra agrees to travel with him after recognizing his experience with a bow and tactics.

Mashaun, KAZIMIR, and MAI witness bandits attacking a caravan from the cover of the forest. They help the merchant beat back the attackers. After the guards find an arrow, they advance towards Mashaun, who surrenders to them. PAVVO allows them to travel with the caravan if they assist with protecting the merchandise to the capital. Shen Sherin lies on a group of islands created by magic with city rock walls grown from the ground. They stand as a tribute to the power of the ancient wizards.

The region's most powerful magician, MAGDALENIA, accuses Kazimir of stealing her slaves and he must prove his innocence in court. Mashaun stands by his friend proving Magdalenia lost them because he found the ownership papers in an abandoned wagon. He needs to keep Dalistra a secret and weave a believable story as to why he has the documents. The court uses magic to test for the truth, where Mashaun faces Magdalenia, the realm's highest mage. After defeating her in a court of law, Mashaun realizes he has made a powerful enemy.

Mashaun and the others hide in a small village during the long winter where he learns about the world and teaches building and using cross-country skis. Everyone in the group receives a job according to their abilities. Berg discovers the mythical city of Thesila holds the key to their escape from this world. With the powerful wizard Magdalenia and her minions hot on their trail, they zigzag across the countryside, looking for evidence of the hidden mystical city. They must return to the cave and decipher a mysterious map, taking them past Shen Sherin where Magdalenia is hunting for Mashaun.

After spending days wandering through a labyrinth of caves and vanquishing a snake demon, they come upon an underground city. According to the map, it is Thesila and the way home. Due to a translation error, they discover it is Thesilar, not Thesila, the ancient red moon caste. They witness under the light of the rising Red Moon, a spark jumping from the staff to the amulet with a flash of red light. The magical rejoining of the red staff is complete. Mashaun understands what is meant by restoring the moon staves and this is only one of three. Mashaun realizes this is just the first step in completing Thesila Prophecy.

Join them on their journey, as they make new friends and avoid powerful enemies. They discover new abilities and hone previous ones. As they search for a way home, in the mysterious magical city that does not want to be found, Thesila.