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Robert Rumble creates a world for the adventurer in everyone. With over thirty years of delving into the realms where myth and magic are alive, making anything is possible in Thesila Prophecy.

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Robert Rumble started playing Fantasy Role Playing games (RPG) in the late 70’s. For over twenty-five years, he enjoyed playing in groups large and small. He played in live action games and in tournaments, frequently surviving the contest.  Robert still enjoys playing RPG on the computer and writing fiction.

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Living on a small farm, Robert was not a prolific reader growing up, but he read fantasy when he had the time. He started playing fantasy role-playing (RPG) games in the mid to late seventies and in the eighties, he participated role-playing scenarios and Society for Creative Anachronism (SCA). When a new game system hit the market, he looked them over and purchased several to play. At one time, he had over a dozen games.  One of his favorite activities was looking at the magic system and devising ways that magic would replace technology and then put that into his game. He enjoyed merging different systems playable hybrid, which he succeeded in doing a few times. He designed and ran game scenarios early on, creating a realm over twenty years ago, when he tried designing a game from scratch. The game did not survive, but the world continues after several iterations.

During the twenty-five years of playing RPG games, he entered tournaments, often being one of the few survivors. In addition, he also ran several tournament games. Robert moved from playing with a group to computer games when the average age of the last group was younger than his character actual age. However, gaming for over a quarter of a century gives Robert lots of ideas to put into his books.

Robert received an Associate of Arts and Science degree while living in Washington State in the mid-80’s. One of his notable works there was writing a computer program that randomly generated solar systems. Complete with moons that would stay in orbit and remain intact. He also wrote a report on the psychology of a Fantasy Role Playing gamer for his psychology class. About a decade later, he wanted to study game design, but the University did not have one to match his goals, so he majored in Computer Science. Robert changed the order of presentation in the history of theater class. He was to give an oral report on American Indian theater. The presentations were given sequence through history, making his the last one. However, his approach on the subject impressed the professor enough that the next year he change the sequence to the theater of American Indians to the first. Much of Robert’s research for the report started with fantasy role-playing games.  Halfway through his senior year, the CS department lost its accreditation. Robert changed his major to Marketing and Management but got tired of jumping through hoops and dropped out to go back to work. The last time he checked, Robert had almost 200 college semester credits.

Robert left Alaska in 2002 and worked in a casino dealing cards. Telling people that they used to pay him to play blackjack with their money, why should he play using his? After chatting with a friend online for several months, they asked if he ever considered teaching English in a foreign country. They sent him a link, and he slapped his resume and contact information on the site. He did it to humor them, not expecting any offers. In about a week he had a half-dozen offers to teach English in China. Sure, why not. Six months later he was in China teaching English. While in China, Robert wrote Thesila Prophecy, based on a reoccurring dream.

If you would have told Robert in high school or college that he would teach English in China, or be a published author, he would have asked what are you smoking? But, he did teach English in China and is a published author.

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