The world is magical with HauvKhusian: [audio mp3=" More Pem being the most magical of all the continents. When magic energy is used it becomes inert and needs to the light of the corresponding moon to recharge.

Magic is an energy and those with a specific gene to tap into the energy. The orbits of the moons create a magical current that mages of the same color can use, a red mage can tap into the red magical current, the blue mage into the blue current and the yellow mage into the yellow current. Magic also feeds on itself, the more magic is used, the stronger it becomes.

During the full moons those with the matching gene will have a slight tint to their skin. Xania Wizards will have a light golden aura to them, the Dasijn’s aura will turn a pale blue and Flalib will be red. Should a mage have the ability to use more than one type of magic, their aura will turn a light orange, purple, or green with the very rare turning white. Only when the moons are at their peak will the non-magic users be able to see the aura as a change in the color of the skin or fur.

There is a fourth type of magic is used elves and a few other races known as nature magic. Nature magic uses the energy given off by the planet. While nature magic is the most abundant of the magic’s, it is also considered the weakest of the magic with the exception of spirit transference.

Ever since the Kyllah Dynasty, magic users have been distrusted and even hated. Without the Thesilan council to keep control of the mages, chaos and power abuse by wizards ran rampant until the Targho Dynasty. It was during this time that magic users were hunted down and killed, forcing many of them to hid their skills and remain in hiding during the full moons.

Yellow Magic or Xania Magic

Xania Magic uses the light and is represented by the color yellow. they frequently become a Linquist hiding their talents by being a bard where they can weave magic into stories and song. When Xania in full in the sky, any person or animal that has the yellow gene will have a golden tint to their skin.

Blue Magic or Dasijn Magic

Dasijn Magic deals with the manipulation of liquids, mainly water. When a Dasijn mage wants to hide they become Alchemist and sometimes winemaker make potions and elixirs.

Red Magic or a Flalib Magic

Flalib Mages work the earth and make excellent Artificers. Many have become famous weaponsmith and armorers.

Mage, Linquist

The Linguistic mage uses the power of verbal communication to cast their magic. It has the most immediate effect, with the shortest life, but is the most common type of magic cast. Linguist magic users frequently becomes bards and barristers.

Mage, Artificer

The Artificer knows how to fold the magic energy into an item. Many Artificers with specialize in a specific type of material, like paper, wood, stone or metal. Some will take it even further and specialize in just armor, weapons, buildings clothes and such. The often work with the Cabbalist.

Mage, Cabbalist

Any mage, sorcerer, sorceress, wizard or witch can be a Cabbalist or a writer of magic symbols. Cabbalist frequently work with Alchemist to strengthen the spell.

Mage, Alchemist

Alchemist imbue their magic into potions, elixirs and drinks. Some have become wine makers and have used their magic to create potions that can heal or kill.


The spells are different for each type of magic but they will have similar effects. The most common example would be the sun sphere used by the Xania magic users, the lava ball thrown by the Flalib and the energy sphere by Xania mage.


There are a number of places around the world that have increase magical powers.