She is the youngest Naj Tewb of the group having just graduated high school. She arrives as a confused little girl, with no clue as to what she wants to do with her life.


Second, in command of Pavvo’s guards under Wilmer, he is also friends with Llewellyn. During the battle of Luastoo, Axtel was within deaths reach when Llewellyn and Wilmer fought death back, returning him to the living. For his part in the battle, he was given Flalib Hli Ntaj. Since that day he has been able to read life forces and knows when someone is lying, sick or under a magic spell. This ability has given Pavvo an advantage with his business dealings.


Teaches history at a university with an emphasis in ancient languages. Sometimes it seems as if he is married to his job, leaving his wife and children feeling left out. He is more of the intellect of the group and shows his moxie when it comes to deciphering the different historical art and documents needed to get home. As a Naj Tewb, he is excited about all the new and different languages.


Ericka and Elina, also known as the twins, are a pair of indentured servants. Shortly after they were sold to a mage as servants, each started to develop magical abilities and hid their power from their master. Both have significant roles in fulfilling the Thesila Prophecy. More


Ericka and Elina, also known as the twins, are a pair of indentured servants. Shortly after they were sold to a mage as servants, each started to develop magical abilities and hid their power from their master. Both have significant roles to fulfill the Thesila Prophecy. More


The guard captain of the main gate of Sher Sherin, she is responsible for the protection of everybody that passes. While it is one of the more important posts, it is not very prestigious since. She used to be the captain of the entire city, but She would not look the other way when it came to Magdalenia.


Growing up in the poorer side of town, he had to fight just to put food on the table. He didn’t receive much of an education, instead put his time into learning how to fight. It didn’t take long for him to transition to boxing where he made a name for himself as a heavyweight champion. However, he preferred the freestyle of street fighting over the regulated boxing. Even though he is a Naj Tewb, his previous fighting experience is a great benefit on Hauv Pem.


He is the founder and religious leader of Myelikkan. Born to Aymo Njaal in a little mining community not far from Vijjam in Jarve 15. He spent years traveling and during his adventure into the dungeon of Dub Tuagab he found Silimira Gensius, an ancient Neov spirit sword, which the elves allowed him to keep. During the battle of Luastoo, he led a company of Rangers against an overwhelming force resulting in routing the enemy. Part of the spoils was the Xaniz Hli Ntaj or the Yellow Moon Sword.


She is the archmage of Shen Sherin and the surrounding area, which she rules with an iron fist. She is the stepsister of Pavvo, and the two have a quiet ongoing feud within the city walls. Her network spies throughout the city keep her informed the all the important activities. It is known that she has two clones to help do her bidding.


A Naj Tewb and one of the lesser leads, being friendly and very talkative, especially when it is too quiet. She enjoys the energy and emotions of a city. She was a medical student at one of the more prestigious medical schools in the Philippines. More


The protagonist of the story is a Naj Tewb or off-worlder. He is an outdoors person preferring the solitude of the mountain forest over the hustle and bustle of a city. He will disappear for hours under the pretense of finding food, just to get away from the group. However, he is also protective of the group, going to great lengths to protect them, even if it means putting himself in danger. More


He is one of the few traveling merchants that spend the summers transporting goods to the Southern cities and towns. His caravan has nearly a dozen wagons including a cook wagon and retains fifty guards for the dangerous journey. His home base is Shen Sherin where he is respected by most of the merchants and the nobility.


A mature Forest Elf having fought in Elf-Ork wars during the Arcttu Dynasty and the human-Elf wars during the Reetta Dynasty. He built the Golden Unicorn about 150 years ago and has been the proprietor ever since.


The daughter of the guard captain Katrina, she is a city girl in her heart. However, circumstances have forced her to leave for her safety where she meets Mashaun and begins her journey.


Toni”s father was an artificer while her mother was a cabbalist in the city of Teniskie. They were known throughout the Western Provence’s for their craftsmanship and mastery. When Toni was about nine, she accidentally drew a thunder spell without a delay and was caught with the full force of the spell, destroying her hearing.


Captian of Pavvo’s traveling guards and a close friend with Llewellyn. He has the Dasijn Hli Ntaj, which completes the sword set.