Dwarf or Nistas

Known on Hauv Pem as Nistas. They are usually under five feet tall with a muscle fat build, but are agile for there size. Nistas are found in the mountainous regions around Rijmagi and Oresinor.

Elf or Neov

More commonly known as Neov, there are four different types of elves. The Zoav Neov live in remote forest around Hauv Pem. The Hauv Neov, are found deep in the earth and in caves, while the Hiaw Neov live in the oceans near rocky cliffs. Cetev Neov survive in the most inhospitable place in the world . More?

Ork or Duaneg

Orks prefer the boundaries between forest and scrub in the lower climes. What they lack in intelligence they make up with tenacity. They tend to live in small roving bands or family groups. They have excellent smell but poor eyesight, preferring to travel during the night. A few Orks have the ability to use natural magic and red magic.

Awrks or Owrks, or Duagetuj

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Human or Tieb

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Ancient race of humans with cat-like tips on their ears. They tend to be adept and channeling the moons magic and have divided up into three caste. There is one caste the are proficient with each of the moons. At any time they can give up the use of magic and go into government.

 Large Mantis or Kaovj

They are about nine feet long and six feet tall and can jump over five times their height up and four time their length. They don’t fly with their wings, but instead jump and glide, sometimes taking them many miles. Kaovj are a hive mind, living in small groups of a few hundred. They have a language, but few can understand, so they have remained isolated.

Giant or Cetieb

There are several sub species of giants ranging from eight to twenty feet in height. Giants are reclusive and avoid contact when possible. However, they make up for their strength with a slow mind and are easily manipulated. Usually an attacking giant is defending a territory or they have been convinced that you mean them harm.

Troll or Suga

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Ogre or Nioby

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Sylph or Tipysu

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