​Only the Elves, the Thesilans, and Tsaub are native to Hauv Pem. All other intelligent races come from different worlds through transport caves. The only two ways to return to their home is being killed, or find the city of Thesila. However, most don't know either solution, only when some die the body fades away, and some don't. It has puzzled scholars for centuries.  


Awrks or ​​Duagetuj

About the height of a dwarf with a build of a human. They prefer the boundaries between forest and scrub in the temperate climes. What they lack in intelligence they make up with tenacity. They live in small roving bands or family groups. Known for their excellent smell but poor eyesight,  preferring to travel at night. A few can use magic mainly the red and blue combat spells. They are the warriors that left the Ork clan a millennia ago.

Dwarf or Nistas

They range from four to five feet in height with a muscle fat build but are agile for their size.  Found in the mountainous regions around Rijmagi and Oresinor. They are excellent miners with a keen eye for gems and precious metals. In combat, they use two-handed axes equal to half their body weight, with deadly accuracy. The best artificers and jewelsmiths are dwarfs, working with red magic.

Elf or Neov

There are four different types of elves living in Hauv Pem. They all live thousands of years with an innate talent for nature magic sometimes known as Elvin magic. All the races are proficient with the bow, sword or spear, depending on the terrain.

Zoav Neov stand​ about five and a half feet tall with a slender body. Their ability to move through the undergrowth unseen without a sound is only exceeded by a cat. Living in the remote forest around Hauv Pem their population exceeds all the other elfs combine. They are the friendliest with humans and hatred toward the Awrk's, and Tsaub's.
Hauv Neov, are found deep in the earth and in caves, not much taller than dwarfs, but maintain the slender frame of most elves.  They don't venture out of their caves living on the moss and fungi they farm. They are not violent but are antisocial. Their bat-like hearing allows them to move through pitch black effortlessly.
Hiaw Neov lives in the oceans near rocky cliffs, sometimes mistaken for mermaids or mermen. Their web hands and feet allow them to swim through the water like a dolphin. Similar to a whale, Hiaw holds their breath for over an hour while diving several hundred feet down. Sometimes they use the spell air pocket, allowing them to stay down for days.

Cetev Neov survives in the most inhospitable place in the world, whether in the desert of tundra. Their tall, lanky frame and oversized feet allow them to travel great lengths on soft terrain with little effort. Their keen eyesight ​allows them to see great distances in the blaring sun.

Ork or Duaneg

After the Ork, Awrk civil war,  the Orks vanished and believed extinct until a few decades ago. Unlike their warring cousins the Awrks, they are intelligent with a sharp business sense. They live in small cities and hide their communities using an invisible dome spell at night. With excellent eyesight, they prefer to move about a during the day. The Duaneg are excellent traders and will travel a long way for a good deal.​  They are peaceful by nature, but when pushed into a fight they are ferocious.

Human or Tieb

Being the most adaptable, they are found in almost every climate. Most will live in or near a large city for a variety of reasons. They are the most aggressive and peaceful of all the races. Most stand between five and six feet in height. A few humans with a long lineage on Hauv Pem have some Thesilan blood, allowing them to harness the moon magic.


An ancient race with the appearance and size of a human with cat-like features. They are adept and channeling the moons magic and are divided up into three castes. The caste is based on their corresponding glow during the different moonlight. A few can use the light of two, and in a rare instance, they can use all three.  

Thesilar's lived east of the mountains where most of the volcanoes are found. They are the red or earth mages and get much of their power from the red moon. When it comes to working with metals and forge, they are the second to none. Also known as the Flalib mage, their spells included growing stone, remove rock, and lava ball, to name a few.

Thesilay's reigned over the southeast of the continent where the daylight is split consistent year round. Their big festival is during the full yellow moon or Xania. While it is considered the sphere of peace, with calming spells like harmony, and light. They also have the sunball, and darkness in their spell arsenal.

Thesilau is the caste using water magic, or the Dasijn moon. They live in the far northeast corner of the continent, where the ice last year round. The Thesilau live in ice caves or by rivers. The purer the water, the more potent the spell. They are the best alchemist in the land, with with the most potent healing and regenerative elixirs.

Large Mantis or Kaovj

They are about nine feet long and six feet tall and can jump over five times their height up and four-time their length. They don't fly with their wings, but instead jump and glide, sometimes taking them many miles. Their favorite tactic is jumping over their opponent, throwing a spear, then landing 15 to 20 feet away. Kaovj are a hive mind, living in small groups of a few hundred. Their language consists of clicks and rubbing their wings, and few can understand them, so they remain isolated.

Giant or Cetieb

Several subspecies of giants exist, ranging from ten to fifteen feet in height. Some are intelligent and can use all forms of magic like humans. Giants are reclusive and avoid contact when possible, sometimes living in family groups. However, many are slow-witted, but make up for their strength and are easily manipulated. Usually, an attacking giant is defending territory, or they believe you mean them harm.

Troll or Suga

Suga is found in all climes away from civilization. They are omnivores, preferring fresh meat caught in their crude traps. Suga's are tall and lanky standing about nine feet. Most follow the seasons, looking for food, but some prefer the cold north. Trolls can be intelligent and cunning with a natural ability to cast regenerate without recharging the spell. They are hostile to all races, but they are seldom seen due to a low population.  

Dogmen or Tsaub

Looking like wolves walking on two legs. They use spears and atlatl or throwing stick, with deadly accuracy. They will eat anything but prefer human and elf cooked over an open fire. Thesilan's and Tsaub's are sworn enemies and have been for centuries. Traveling in family groups, they can sometimes range into forty or fifty members. Instead of having hands, they use their dew claw as a thumb. Most races avoid them unless a strong leader is among them and there is a mutual benefit.

Ogre or Nioby

They stand about eight feet tall with a chubby build and the mind of a ten-year-old. Niobies need a strong leader to tell them what to do and are often used as guards by the Duagetuj. Their weapon of choice is a spiked club weighing about 200 pounds, which they swing with ease. They are not agile but can rip a person in two with their strength.

Sylph or Tipysu

A little over a foot in height, with multi-colored wings. They live in the secluded temperate forest, and to most, they are only a myth. They are highly sought after by magicians for their powder, and nectar. A pinch of the of either enhances the strength of any spell, potion, or artifact. The Tipysu also raise spiders for their silk.  Turning it into beautiful clothes with the protection of padded plate armor.  A person can walk within feet of one and never see them unless the Sylph wants something.