World of Kom Txaus


The world of Kom Txaus has radius of 4102-miles radius and a surface area of 232.5 million square miles. The 20.25-degree axial tilt gives the planet a more even range of winters and summers. Kom Txaus spins in a counter rotation meaning the sun comes up in the West and sets in the East with the prevailing winds crossing the continent from East to West. The planet is also few degrees cooler than Earth with about the 65% of the surface covered in water.

Just below the surface are a honeycomb caverns and grottoes covering thousands of miles and on the surface with hundreds of caves that are portals to other worlds. Each cave has a unique staff used to activate portals within the caves. Sometimes the world will activate a portal for the less intelligent creatures. Frequently the world seems to know what is needed and will bring an animal or race to fulfill a need.

Hauv Pem

Is the largest landmass covers over 30 million square miles. The North reaches into the permanent ice caps in the North past the equator in the south. It is divided by a mountain range the stretches from the northern ice to the southern swamp. In the Northwest is the Khusari Sea. The continent has thousands of caves that bring off-worlders, sometimes known as Naj Tewb. These off-worlders give off emotional energy necessary for the different intelligent races to survive. More?


There are 450, 29 hour days in a year, divided into 13 months having 34 or 35 days spread out over four 8 days weeks.


Flalib known as the red or fire moon, has an orbit just under 35 days. It’s the smallest, being about half diameter of Earth’s moon. Xania cycles every 115 days and is the yellow or harmony moon. Dasijn full moon comes around about every 450 days and is called the blue or water moon. More?


Only someone with Thesilan blood or Elvin Blood can tap into the planet’s magic. Xania gives everything a yellow hue and those show a yellow aura are called Thesilayn’s.