Hauv Pem

Hauv Pem


Hauv Pem extends into the Djawb Hauv (White Land) in the north to Dynvr Haiwv (Sing Water) just below the equator over 6,500 miles to the south. Hauv Pem is about 8,400-hundred miles across divided by the Zajib Qauob Roub (Dragon Spine Mountains) with the western side being under 2800 miles with an area of over 37,500,000 square miles. During the Thesilian Dynasty, Hauv Pem was split into three major areas with the Thesilarn’s controlling the West, Thesilyn’s in the southeast and Thesilaun’s in the frozen northeast. They covered about a sixth of the continent with the rest in consent turmoil among races like, Tsaub, Kaovj, Neov, Nistas, Duagetuj, and others. Without a strong cohesive between the three castes of the Thesilan’s, Hauv Pem travelers and the out laying settlements are in consistent danger of attack.

The Dragon Spine Mountains run the full length of the continent and are full of jade, which is mined for ornaments, ceremonial weapons, figurines, and money. The Red Mountain Range in the Northwest produces a rich cache of gold, nickel, copper along with obsidian, and pumice, which the local population turns into boats. The Thesilan Mountain range that splits the Eastern part of the continent into a Northern and Southern section is where most of the diamonds are found, along with other rare gemstones. The mountain range also provides a natural border between the Thesilyn and Thesilaun territories.


Hauv Pem is rich with a variety of plant life, ranging from soft woods with conifers like pines, spruces and firs in the north to the deciduous and hard word trees a little south.  There are large patches of wild apple and citrus groves scattered throughout the warmer climes and a wide range of edible berries can be found from the Northern Forest to the Southern Jungles. In the Tyrew Txqai are walking plants known as Nqaij Nroj. Plants that roam the swamp looking for food, usually animals, in the Northern forest are called Nquij Nroj.


The Elves, Thesilans are the only natives to Hauv Pem. The Dakab or Tsaub have wondered the Tiab plains for about 10,000 years. The Duaneg, Duagetuj, Tsaubs, Suga, Nioby, and Trolls can also trace their history back for over 10,000 years. During the rise of the Thesilans, caves for transporting all the intelligent races except for the Elves and the Thesilan’s were discovered.


The Planet itself is magical in nature with dozens of caves that link Hauv Pem to a number of different worlds. No one knows why the races are brought here, but many seem to have a purpose. The caves are responsible for increasing the population of the races, in addition to bringing new ideas. Some of the off-worlders will develop special skills that the natives will call magic, which many fear.