Shen Sherin

Shen Sherin

Islands of Shen Sherin
The islands of Shen Sherin

When Shen Sherin was founded, it was the only city on Khusari Sea that had a road connecting the villages and towns in the area to the capital city of Thesila on the other side of the mountains. The Thesilan Road followed the Sherin River, through the Tuzia Kys (Tuzia pass) and to the city of Twin Rivers. Where it was put onto magic boats and taken to Thesila. When the Thesilan’s disappeared about two thousand years ago, there was no need to travel beyond Twin Rivers and within a few generations the other races in the area shut down the road East of the Mountains, however,Shen Sherin has remained the major city in the area, because of its defensive capabilities.

Shen Sherin has a population of over 75,000 distributed on 14 islands in the North Teroma Inlet. Beginning in the 23rd year of the Jarve Dynasty the city was closed to any new residents. There are only a couple of ways one can become a resident of the Islands. The first is to be invited in by one of the residents. In which case, the citizen much provides living accommodations. The second is a person that performs exceptional service to the city can become a landed noble and they are given a small estate on Audiluam Island.

The islands are set up in a box shape with the furthest one from that mainland is where the castle is located. All the islands look like the top of a mesa and have a main road that connects the bridges, with a square in the middle of the islands. Every Town square has a statue representing that isle, except Synhom has two. Several feet below the buildings are several eight-foot tall tunnels, running through islands creating a sewer system. Trash flows through grates on the streets and into the tunnels where the current from the Shin Sherin River eventually washes it into the bay. The tides have an average thirty-foot range from low to high. Forty-foot-high tides occur when there are two full moons during the day closing sewer system flood flaps for several hours, but this only happens a couple times in a generation.

The outer islands are about six feet above the average high tide with the inner islands setting higher and the castle island is nearly fifteen above high tide. Only two of the islands are natural, with the rest being formed during the years fifty to seventy-five of the Thesilan Dynasty. Earth mages of the Red Moon that have a talent for earth magic, they grew the island up from the bedrock over the years. They created over fourteen hundred square acres of usable land in the North Teroma Inlet.

Shen Sherin became an important shipping hub for the area for more than four-hundred years after the completion islands. In Thesila 509 turmoil covered the lands and most of the Thesilan’s administrators left for the capital city of Thesila. The vanishing Thesilans left a vacuum in many areas of the government and many of the trade routes became dangerous and riddled with bandits and became known as the lawless lands.

Each island has desalination facility with multiple wells with wind-powered pumps, the magic pumps have stopped working. The main streets are cobblestones with slots along the side leading to a tunnel the runs from the riverside of the island to the seaward side. Every island maintains a company of guards from the city garrison with barracks and a commander that answers to the City captain. All criminals are taken to Tiswaj the administration island where they are held until the three-judge panel decides their fate. On rare occasions, the high court in the castle on the island of Strasev will hear a case and their ruling can only be overturned by the king, which has never happened.

The waters around the islands are teaming with aquatic life including Crabs and mussels and other shellfish with large halibuts and sharks in the bay and sewers. The farms around the city grow a wide variety of fruits and vegetables with a number of different types of grains. In the spring and fall, the waters around the islands are filled with a variety of salmon making their way up the Shen Sherin River. During high tide, special finned boats transport goods between the islands using the current for power.


Magistrate Khusari named Khusari Sea and started the first calendar with the date of the triple-moon phase to be day one. Khusari is pictured as a human with a slender build, a shaved head except with a strip of hair running the top of his from front to back and into a gray ponytail that hangs down to the middle of his back, exposing his ears which look like furless cat ears. He is always wearing a cream color toga with a gold snakeskin belt around his waist. During the winter months, he has a wrap of some unknown material over his shoulders that hangs down to his waist. In his left hand is a lava-red staff made of stone about six-feet tall with a spherical birdcage about five inches across, inside of the cage is a spinning disc about four inches across creating the illusion of a ball. It was Khusari that elevated the earth to create islands from the ocean floor and cleared the land for the farms and orchards. He grew the city walls and the castle up from the earth like plants spring from the ground. They say that he never died, and lived for over five-hundred years. Legend says that he went on a journey one day in the spring of Thesilian 509 and thus started the Seijag Dynasty. The Seijag Dynasty is remembered as being cruel, ruling with an iron fist. Demanding human sacrifices, and forcing the people to live in squalor. Every time the citizens tried to revolt it was squashed with devastating consequences. The house of Seijag ruled for over a one hundred and sixty years until Lana Laillia was able to kill him in the Seijag 164, becoming the new Magistrate.

During the Laillia Dynasty, the yoke of suppression was taken off from the population and the cities flourished. For two hundred years the area grew and prospered, however, the people got lazy and when the Owrks started moving west of the Dragon Spine Mountains in Laillia 175 they marched unopposed slaughtering everybody in their path, within a few years the Cities of Tenskie, was almost on the edge of collapse and Shen Sherin surrounded. Sebeth Kyllah from Limytir and her fleet of rovers chased the Owrks into the forest. For thirty years Sebeth trained armies in Tenskie and Shen Sherin, pushing the Owrks east into the mountains. During the month of Usitkev, in Laillia 237, Sebeth led a successful coup and thus started the Kyllah Dynasty.

Sebeth Kyllah did not trust mages, one of her first degrees was to ban all magic, and with a penalty for using magic was death. This lead an exodus of anyone with the slightest amount of magic to head to south to the cities of Tenskie, Epyfina, Telkko, and Pekihti, or north to Clybhir and Vamonamo. The last of the Kyllah were unable to bear an heir and died in Kyllah 65. Rigalo Tainna, one of the Ambrlyn Kyllah servants took the throne without a fight.

By Tainna 60 the Owrks were moving back into the eastern forest, and the Tsaub’s were moving up from the plains. The entire Kyllah bloodline was assassinated in Kyllah 67 and Ming Lahtil became the new emperor. Ming was a brilliant tactician and with a dwindling force, she managed to keep the Owrks and Tsaub off balance long enough to ask for help from Epyfina, Telkko, Pekihti, Clybhir, and Vamoname. The ban on mages was rescinded and they were offered full citizenship if they fought with her forces. Many were still distrustful and had put down roots, but a few did heed the call. Most notable were the ones that showed up from Vamonamo with warships made of stone. By Lahtil, the forces were again push back and the mages were granted full citizenship of Shen Sherin or Tenskie. In Lahtil 259 Zuho Lahtil was killed on a hunting trip and the city erupted into a civil war for several years until Amtigua Reetta succeeded in taking the throne.

On Pinothuv 8 in Reetta 8, an Oracle claiming to be a Thesilan told of the Thesila Prophecy. Naj Tewb will place the princess Dalistra on her throne and bring the three castes together by her side before the white moon, then the Thesilans’ will return and put order back into the world.” Upon revealing the prophecy, the Oracle walked out the door and was never seen again, even though Amtigua sent some guards after her. It was in Reetta 180 that Elfsyen Reeta hunting party found the first Naj Tewb along with the broken red staff inside a cave with magic walls. Elfsyen became paranoid and left the city, never to be heard from again. 3 years later Elfsyen younger sister married becoming Emilzon Iirro. In Reetta 189 Emilzon became the emperor and starting the Iirro Dynasty.

The Iirro Dynasty is known for discovering Fire Island in the middle of Khusari Sea. So named because of the active volcano at one end. It was in Iirro 98 that the first prisoners sentenced to life were put on the island. Discovering that it was cheap to just drop them off and forget, political were soon added to the list sent to the island. Most were given a choice between the arena where they could win back their freedom, or the island for life. The life expectancy in either place was short. The Iirro family ruled for 295 years before they vanished without a trace.

In less than a year, Zieb Arcttu assumed the throne. She was quick to lead with an iron hand. It wasn’t until Arcttu 128 that the Orwks began their push to the west again, this time with witches, giants, trolls, Hiawv Neov and Ogres. The skirmishes lasted for over 50 years. Their armies grew and spreading to the north and south, invading Tenskie and Clybhir. The only reason Shen Sherin remained intact were the magic walls and number of mages within the city. Then in Arcttu 295 Terry Targho, a Naj Tewb poisoned the entire Arcttu family and took the throne.

Terry Targho convinced the Neovs to help and the Owrks armies were pushed back across the mountains. One of the Neova’s scouts, Sivish, was given a plot a land, where the Golden Unicorn stands today. He comes across as just the owner but is really the liaison between Neov and the humans around the Khusari Sea. In Targho 27, Terry was lost at sea when she was on her way to reestablish a trade route with Limytir. Her advisor Daggiu Varpul took the opportunity to assume the throne and used his magic voice to calm the citizens. He was the first acknowledged sorcerer to sit on the Shen Sherin Throne.

By the fifth year of the Varpul Dynasty, pirates had shut down all the shipping lanes and put up a blockade in the Teroma Inlet preventing Shen Sherin and Tenskie from sending any ships. Both cities developed reliable land routes to the cities and villages around the Khusari Sea forcing the pirates to openly attack the coastal cities. The battle between the cities and the pirates was the first battle that magic was a major component on both sides. By Varpul 25 the pirate’s losses were enough that they returned to whence they came, never to put together a large force again. The failing magic of the world begins to take its toll on the numerous magical items. Argor Tolvonian led a revolt forced melin Varpul from the city thus ending the Varpul Dynasty.

Some say that Alandra Tolvonian was part Neov (Elf), but most thought he was Naj Tewb (off-worlder). He taught them how to build water pumps using the sea breeze to get the water out of the ground, how to make lamps using whale oil, and replace many items as the magic dwindled and devices just stopped working. After 108 years he turned the throne over to Argoria Jarve and left the city. Around Jarve 120 sighting of Orwks, Tsaubs, Trolls, and other creatures surfaced from the surrounding countryside from Epyfina to Clybhir. Villages and farms were destroyed by raiding parties.Shen Sherin, Tenskie, and Clybhir have sent troops out hunting for them but had little success.