The Moons of Kom Txaus

They’re three moons orbiting Kom Txaus. Each moon produces a different color that energizes the magic of the same color. Only magical people and devices deep underground are immune to the moon effects. During the time of the purge, the moonlight revealed every magic user. They executed many with the ability to use magic, whether they used it or not. Magical items are more powerful and visible during the full moon and the people found many of them, destroying during the dark of the moon.

Flalib also known as the fire or lava moon has an orbit just under 35 days. It’s the smallest, being about half diameter of Earth’s moon. The almost circular orbit of Flalib is about ten degrees off the Kom Txaus equator. During the full moon, it cast a red hue over the planet increasing the red glow of any organic material and devices that use Red Magic. Artificers and Cabbalist mages take advantage of the increase in energy to create higher quality flame weapons and scrolls involving fire.

Xania cycles every 115 days and is almost twice the size of Flalib with an elliptical orbit that is only a couple degrees off the equator. Flalib, known as the Sun moon cast a yellow glow across the planet. The yellow hue reduces hostilities, encouraging peace, and harmony. Some of the strongest healing potions and magic works best during a Xania full moon.

When both Flalib and Xania are full in the sky, the world takes on an orange hue. A new type of mage is now visible, the Purple Mage. A Purple Mage will focus either on the red or yellow magic, however, the mixing of the two magics in the past created the staff of healing flame and the red lute of harmony.

Dasijn full moon comes around about every 450 days and is about a twice the size of Xania. Its elliptical orbit is negative twenty-five degrees. Dasijn, also known as the water moon, cast a blue hue over the land increasing the power of water magic. Many of the lakes and seas became a deeper blue, revealing hidden water caves. The effects of potions made under the light of the Dasijn moon, last longer, and are more effective.

When Xania and Dasijn are full, a green hue covers the land. The magic of fire and water do not mix well. However, one ancient mage combine them into a steam bomb. Rumor has it that ancients could also fire bombs out of a tube using fire and water magic.

During times of Flalib and Xania are full moons, the waters abound with magic. It is during these full moons that alchemist create their more powerful potions and elixirs, including the rare life potion.

As you can imagine with three moons, the tides fluctuate a lot. In some places, the difference between high and low tide can exceed 20 or even 30 feet. This causes most coastal towns and cities to plan for such extremes. Some places build walls to keep the water out. However, many cities that relied on magic had to find other methods of keeping the sea out. Others build on mountains, or cliffs above the high water line with a trail or road leading down to the lowest water level.

Once every several thousand years the three moons and the sun align such that the sun becomes dark for a period. During this time, most communities that rely on walls for protection from the tide find they are not tall enough and it floods. This is also a time of major changes, thus many believe it is the beginning of a new era.